Diversity agenda.

We’ve been passionate about supporting diversity in the creative industry for over 20 years. Another Production is female owned and run and we actively support the work of female photographers, directors, editors and crew.

Mentorship program
Our mentorship programme, which launched in September 2019, allows brands to support talented and aspiring female undergraduate and post graduate photographers, across all categories.

Currently female photographers make up just 25% of those commercially represented, in contrast to undergraduate and postgraduate photography courses, which are majority female. The mentorship scheme seeks to address this gender imbalance.

Click here for more information and entry details.

Equal Lens

  • We helped launch Equal Lens in March 2019, promoting the use of female photographers.
  • equallens.com


Free the Work

  • We were inspired by Free the Work, founded in 2016 by director Alma Har’el.
  • freethework.com